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It's simple, really. When you or your staff cannot answer the phone…we do; and we do it best. And we pass the message on to you the best way possible that you choose. It's all about choice.

  • 24-Hour Live Operators
    • As an extension of each office, we procure the message and dispatch it in a timely fashion to an appropriate caregiver.
    • We understand that these can be "life or death" situations.
    • Thorough understanding of each account, contacts, and protocols.
  • Customized service with your greeting.
  • Collect up to 5 fields of information.
    • E.G., Name, Phone Number, Description of Emergency, PCP, Symptoms.
  • Emergency back-up call center.
  • Vast array of dispatches.
    • Call patching ($1 per patch)
    • Paging/Alpha-Paging (1 call)
    • Faxing (1 call)
    • Text Message (1 Call)
    • Residence (1 Call)
    • E-mail (Free!)
    • VM Box (Free!)

Director of Sales -
Contact Liz Collins
(860)570-5543 or (800)449-0531