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Solutions Medical provides Medical Transcription services to Hospitals, Group Practices, Physicians, MTSO and Healthcare Institutions.

  • The cost of medical transcription is $.09 cents per line
  • Includes cost of template set-up.
  • We provide transcription services in both predefined audio dictations as well as ASP (Application Service Providers) model, depending upon the client's requirements.
  • We process voice files (wav, .vox, .dss, .mp3, .dat, .d00, truespeech, .cmp) into formatted medical reports. We are also providing transcription service on ASP mode where we directly transcribe voice recording on website provided by third party service providers like Vianeta, EMDAT, Dictate etc.
  • We have an in house development software which can manage complete cycle of transcription including tracking of each job and customizing MIS reports.
  • The transcription output can be delivered in any format ranging from MS Word, Corel Suite (Word Perfect) etc.
  • For information security, each team member is required to sign a Non--Disclosure Agreement form

We have experience in the following areas:

Hematology/Oncology Gastroenterology Internal Medicine Rheumatology Hospital Medical Records Infectious Diseases Laboratory Reports Consultation Reports Otolaryngology Radiology Reports General / Thoracic / Gastrointestinal Surgery includes Orthopedics       Neurosurgery Psychiatry Urology Plastic Surgery Pulmonary Diseases Pathology Discharge Summary Letters Operative Reports Soap Notes

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